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There are many delicate pieces of equipment and devices, such as surgical equipment, plastic or rubber equipment, catheter, endoscopes, and so on. These devices require sterilization, but they are vulnerable to heat and humidity, making it difficult to sterilize through traditional sterilization. EO gas sterilization is a method to sterilize these delicate devices without damaging.

We, MOOHAN Enterprise, developed and manufactured EO gas sterilizer. We sterilize our core products, such as M-VAC and Closed Suction Catheter through our EO gas sterilizer and also conduct sterilization service for those businesses looking for reliable sterilization.

Principle of EO Gas sterilization

EO (Ethylene Oxide) gas is a highly toxic. EO gas destroys and living cells or organism when exposed. With its characteristic, EO gas is widely used for sterilization material. EO gas sterilization requires a proper humidity in the chamber to obtain the maximum sterilization effect. Thus, a process of injecting water into the sterilizer is necessary before infusing EO gas into a sterilizer. After leaving the sterilizer for a suitable time, the sterilizer drains the gas out of the chamber and neutralize the air. The sterilization is complete, and product is ready for service.

Sterilization procedure

– Set temperature and vaccuum in the chamber
– Humidification for optimum sterilization
– Inject EO gas with carbon dioxide
– Expose the product to EO gas and stand-by
– Flushing (Release the residual EO gas in chamber)
– Aeration (Remove any residual EO gas)

Sterilization service procedure

– Receive product sterilization request
– Review the product and contract
– Prepare protocol
– Review validation schedule
– Review the optimum sterilization condition
– Process sterilization
– Test and inspection
– Prepare report and certificate of sterilization

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