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Project Description

Principle of micro needling

Numerous active ingredients exist inside cosmetics and skin serums that are beneficial for skincare. As you apply those cosmetics and serums, you may feel like they are ‘absorbed’ into the skin. In fact, most of the ingredients rather ‘vaporize’ into the air because stratum corneum works as a barrier(The Recent Trend of Percutaneous Absorption Used in Cosmetics, 2014). How do we increase the efficiency of absorption? Here is when microneedle therapy comes in and solve this issue.

Micro needling creates several channels through an epidermis to a dermis. These channels work as a path for the active ingredients to reach directly to the dermis of the skin. These channels also extend the contact area of skin and those serum solutions. Overall, micro needling increases the efficiency of absorption tremendously.

Dr. Roller, the best derma roller

Micro needling derma roller device is simple; it is merely a roller with needles and rolls on skins. However, such a simplicity often leads many users to fall into a trap and suffer from a side effect of using a defective derma roller. In reality, manufacturing derma roller involves many technologies and knowledge.

We have been manufacturing the best derma roller in the world, since the year of 2006. We know that derma roller is not a simple device; it is sophisticated and requires precise manufacturing. All needles are precisely measured and inspected by trained experts. We manufacture Dr. Roller under a sanitized environment and sterilize with Gamma-ray to further ensure the safety and reliability.

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Dr. Roller’s Superior Needles

Needles are the most important and essential part of derma roller. Needles contact directly with the skin and the dermis. Any defect with the needle will result in an unsatisfactory result or even a severe side effect. Durable and reliable high-grade medical stainless steel is used to make Dr. Roller’s needle. Dr. Roller’s superior needle provides a better result than any other derma roller exists in the market.


Size20mm(D) * max. 13.25mm(W)
Disc8-line : 8 discs
3-line : 3 discs
Number of needles8-line : 192 needles
3-line : 72 needles
Needle materialHigh-quality medical grade stainless steel
Assembly methodFlange lock-up
Sterilization methodGamma-ray
OriginSouth Korea

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