The best filler comes from yourself.

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Project Description

Choosing the best filler

There are so many fillers now available in the market than any other time. In this overflowing market, it is tough for the customers to choose a right filler for their skin condition. During the process, they need to consider so many variables, such as effectiveness, efficiency, possible side-effect, and so on. However, customers are overlooking the best manufacturer that produce exclusive filler that is just right for them: their body.

Autologous filler works best for you

Fillex, an autologous blood filler maker, makes filler after incubating plasma by using semiconductor thermoelements. Existing filler makers require transporting the syringe to another cooling device after heat incubation. However, Fillex offers ‘set-and-forget’ feature; All incubation process is done in one place. One button press is enough for the whole process.

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