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Project Description

Give Your Skin A Fresh Air


This hydrox peeling system is designed to produce 5-100 micron sized particles of water that is dropping from the salinity, by utilizing hyperbaric oxygen. So, this system has a capability to deal with its work very fast and to carry out the operation as well. As a new concept of integrated skincare system, it can be applied for the treatment of inner wall of cell membrane by washing it with sterilized solution and pure oxygen.

Principle of Hydrox Peel

By utilizing hyperbaric oxygen that comes out of the oxygen tank, medication in cell line can be sucked in according to the principle of difference of atmospheric pressure and passes through a hand piece nozzle. Afterward, it produces a great number of micron sized droplets and have them being sprayed at high speed.

Moisture & oxygen treatment

The hydrox peeling system can be specially used for the treatment of cosmetics and scalp operation and it strongly injects medication for a high effect of peeling and the injection of oxygen.

Features of Hydrox Peel

– It has no any risk of burn or the damage of cell.
– Patient feels little pain and has no aversion at all.
– Very safe treatment with no adverse effect due to the use of water and pure oxygen.
– To maximize its therapeutic effect, oxygen, water and medication are combined properly.
– Very suitable method of treatment for workers because it won’t affect their daily life after the treatment.
– The system can be operated with a small amount of solution.

Advantages of Hydrox Peel

– The system can be operated with minimal costs, without any power and medication, because it can remove dead skin cell and perform a simple peeling.
– Built-in dual decompression valve enhances stability of output power as well as accuracy of its treatment.
– Adjustable spray pressure can be applicable for a various treatments.
– Due to the interface, it can be operated right after the training.
– Hangers for hand piece and medical use are provided.
– Hand piece is attached with a nozzle protection cap for a long term use.
– Two hand pieces can be connected simultaneously depending on the application.
– Basic size can be applicable on the connection part of oxygen.
– It can be connected regardless of oxygen tank.

Clinical Usage

Treatment of Hydrox Peel

The hydrox peeling system is designed to provide a new formula composed of 90-95% pure oxygen, vitamin C and natural fruit acid to the deep layer of dermis cell in order to boost skin’s natural renewal process. By utilizing hyperbaric oxygen, it makes sterilized medication to 5∼100um sized fine droplets and spray them at high speed for the treatment of peeling, cleansing and the care of scalp(to remove dead skin cell and cleaning) safely, as a new concept of integrated skincare system.

Hydrox Peel treatments target

This hydrox peeling system is designed to produce 5-100 micron sized particles of water that is dropping from the salinity, by utilizing hyperbaric oxygen. So, this system has a capability to deal with its work very fast and to carry out the operation as well. As a new concept of integrated skincare system, it can be applied for thetreatment of inner wall of cell membrane by washing it with sterilizedsolution and pure oxygen.

Target of Hydrox Peel

The skin losing its elasticity, rough skin and pimples.
Special treatment : Skincare for the bride, skincare for regeneration.
Hair loss, dull and lacklustre hair.

Range of application

– Deep peeling of skin
– Regeneration of damaged skin caused by aging process or sunlight
– Sterilization and treatment of dead skin cell, fracture, external wound
– Care of wrinkles around the mouth
– Care of fine wrinkles around the eyes
– Black spot, acne, erythema
– Care of scalp.

Medication for treatment

Placenta: Effective on dry skin
Collagen: Moisturizing effect
Retinol : Lifting effect
Arbutin: Whitening and moisturizing effect
Vitamin C: Providing nutrient and regeneration of skin.
Hyaluronic acid

Treatment program

Number of Skin CareFace
Two times weekly basis, total 14 times.
(A constant care of skin is required. )
Two times weekly basis, care for 5-6 months:
It is required to visit the clinic once in a month after the treatment.
Method of Care before&after the treatmentFace
Diagnosis ->cleansing ->toner -> steamer(on towel) -> treatment by machine -> pack -> essence -> regeneration, nutrient cream -> UV rays ->balm
Diagnosis -> brush -> scaling -> steamer -> cleaning -> treatment by machine(saline solution or medication) -> infrared rays

Skin Clinic: Dead skin cell & pore wastes removal

Our skin is consisted of epidermis and dermis. The outermost layer of epidermis, called horny layer, has been contacted with the air and played a very important role to the point of being the first defense barrier in our body.

Of lipid elements which form a horny layer, the most important ingredient is ceramide. Due to the insufficiency of ceramide, skin becomes dry with fine wrinkles and loses its elasticity. Moreover, it makes color and tone of the skin look dull and rough caused by the dead skin cell.

In case of removing dead skin cell by the hydrox peeling system, first of all, skin is properly moisturized and then spray the solution of oxygen at high pressure in order to eliminate dead skin cell. In the process of removing dead skin cell, moisturizing is a very important factor to be carried out; otherwise, protective film of natural lipid may be damaged and resulted in a minor injury. Also, removal of dead skin cell by force may be a cause of injury that brings about a dead skin cell and it repeats the vicious cycle. So, it will be much better to remove dead skin cell by utilizing hyperbaric oxygen of hydrox peeling system, through which natural moisturizing factors may increase around the pores, so lipid and wastes can be eliminated as the pores are fully open.

Treatment of 3∼4 times in two-week interval
1. Cleansing
2. Moisten by massage (steamer)
3. Removal of dead skin cell and wastes (air+water)
4. Absorption of vitamin, moisturizing (air+solution)

Cause of acne and its treatments
The most important fact in the treatment of acne is to get rid of the source of acne. The cause of acne is due to the increase of lipid and the clogged pores by dead skin cell. There are some common ways of treatment, such as applying medicine to the affected part, taking some medicine that inhibits the secretion of lipid and to squeeze the pimples with fingers. In the ways of treatment as specified above, acne can be much relieved. However, more advanced treatment in combination with Hydrox peeling system may have a substantial effect in the maintenance of clean and transparent skin as well as being treated quickly.

Anti-acne care
The sterilization is very important in the pimply skin. If the demodex folliculorum, occupying 50% of germs, and the wastes in skin be removed, the pimply skin will be much improved. The hydrox peeling system has supplied oxygen to the deep layer of skin and sterilize various bacteria existing in the pores, so pores clogged with lipid, dead skin cell can be fully open and discharge them out of pores. Therefore, it has showed a high effect in reduction of inflammation.
For the treatment of acne, freckles, pores, etc. 3-4 times of skincare in 1-2 weeks interval is required and the number of treatment, interval may be adjusted depending on the condition of skin.

Treatment of 3-4 times in 2-week interval
Removal of dead skin cell and wastes(air+water)
Sterilization and cleaning(air+solution)
Soothing, moisturizing(mask pack)

The Oxy Combo Peel, as a new peeling product combined with oxygen, vitamin C and natural fruit acid, enables to provide oxygen deeply into the pores, so 3 kinds of effects such as moisturizing, supply of oxygen and whitening can be expected. Also it can be sprayed by high pressure of oxygen after dissolving whitening injection with cosmetic product together or making it permeate by using high pressure after applying whitening cream on the face. This will be much better to get quick result rather than the injection for whitening effect. Through this treatment, you will experience a feeling of fresh and clean in your skin.

1. Removal of dead skin cell for cleansing (air+water)
2. Spraying medication and its penetration (air+solution)
3. Soothing, moisturizing (mask pack, vitamin)

Skin rejuvenation
By permeating purified oxygen and special nutrient deeply into the skin, each one of skin cells can be regenerated. Fine wrinkles can be safely improved with little pain and the regeneration of skin may be more effective by application of saline solution with related medication.

Treatment programs

Level 1[Diagnosis(check the condition of skin) of each part]
Cleaning(removal of dead skin cell, dust), making a plan how to treat.
Level 2Scaling(degrade old skin cell, lipid), making pores open to provide nutrient.
Scalp massage(spray scaling product) to calm skin and to activate metabolism.
Level 3Oxygen peeling(removal of dead skin cell, wastes) to remove old dead skin cell, lipid/relieving inflammation.
Air+water, mixed saline solution is converted to fine droplets by the pressure of oxygen and being sprayed.
Level 4Provide of medication(air+solution), topical medication is possible for the regeneration of cell.
Shoulder massage for whitening, anti-acne care, regenerating.
Level 5Home care(solution), home care treatment depending on the individual prescription.
Home care, to meet customer satisfaction.

In case of deep cleansing and medication
Make sure to set the pressure of oxygen in-between 7-8kg and adjust the angle of hand piece at 70 degrees. Keep the interval of 5mm from the skin for treatment.

In case of inducing medication for peeling
Make sure to set the pressure of oxygen in-between 8-9kg and adjust the angle of hand piece at 90 degrees. Keep the interval of 3-5mm from the skin for treatment.

Application to other skin disease
Sterilized solution can be mixed with related medication and spray it on the affected part, utilizing the pressure of oxygen, for treatment.
– Sterilization of burn, athlete’s foot
– Scalp disease

Scalp Clinic: What’s alopecia?

Alopecia is a symptom that hair falls out in the spots where hairs must grow up due to some pathological reason. It is estimated that normal people have more than 100,000 hairs on the head; 85-90% out of them are grown in the growth phase, 10-15% in the resting phase, respectively. Hairs grow 0.35mm daily and the growth of hair is associated with nutrient, hormone, temperature, light, etc. It is common that about 50-60 hairs fall out daily in the spots even if you keep the health of your hair and new hairs grow up there. However, if the number of hairs that fall out exceeds the number of new growth, one becomes bald-headed gradually and it is medically known as ‘alopecia’.

Cause of alopecia

  • Excessive stress
  • Hypersecretion of male hormone(testosterone)
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Atopic constitution
  • Genetic factor

Prevention of hair loss by Hydrox Peel
For the treatment of wrinkles and aging process, so far, injection, laser surgery, peeling, etc. have been applied properly. However, due to some troubles such as irritation, injury, pain, inconvenience in daily life, etc. most of patients feel stressed. In contrast, by the application of Hydrox peeling system it was treated conveniently with no any irritation, bleeding, pain, erythema, and the substance which was not possible to permeate by exiting ultrasonic waves and iontophoretic transdermal method can be permeated deeply into basal layer.
Moreover, it helps nutrient to permeate more than 40 times rapidly into the skin and activates biomatrix between the cells, through which fine wrinkles and old spots can be much improved. Also, Hydrox peeling system inhibits propagation of germs by eliminating dead skin cell, lipid, waste matter accumulated in scalp and keep it clean to promote blood circulation, metabolism, as an effective treatment for the care of hair.
1. Hydrox Peel removes all of dust, secretion, sweat, germs that have clogged pores, hair follicles, and provides oxygen to the pores for active blood circulation.
2. It provides nutrient to the scalp by spraying hyperbaric oxygen. The medication injected by Hydrox Peel is being absorbed in scalp with no any adverse effect. More effects can be resulted in if mesotherapy is carried out together with Hydrox Peel.
3. By utilizing Hydrox Peel, medication for mesotherapy can be deeply permeated.

※Vitamin C, to be effective in treating acne, can be mixed with saline solution or be permeated as a single element by utilizing hyperbaric oxygen.

Treatment programs

Level 1Checking the condition of scalp
Promote blood circulation of the scalp
Level 2Giving opens the pores and increasing nutrient penetration effect
Relaxation of the scalp, activates the metabolism
Level 3Oxygen Peeling: Remove aging keratin and sebum / skin soothing and inflammation alleviate
It is removed by finely spraying with the pressure of oxygen and the mixture of saline solution
Level 4Drug penetration Local-permeable, cell regeneration effects
Shoulder muscle relaxation, blood circulation promotion
Level 5Home care according to individual circumstances
Maximizing Customer Satisfaction


Main bodySize208(w) * 320(v) * 132(h)mm
Pressure adjustment range0.1~1MPa
Gas supplyOxygen for medical treatment (100psi)
Liquid supplySterilized physiological salty solution
Gas ConsumptionUp to 40 L/min +/-5%
Drug consumptionUp to 2.5cc/min
CartSize338(w) * 405(v) * 810(h)mm

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