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Project Description

Wound drainage system (Hemovac)

Complications may appear if the exudate or blood remains after surgery. To prevent the complications, the exudates, such body fluids and blood plasma, are drained from affected area after surgery by using a tool called wound drainage, or known as hemovac. Hemovac consists of drainage vessel to continuously provide a lower vacuum pressure by the elastic restoring force of the silicone or spring, and a drainage tube for insertion into the affected part.

Using traditional Wound Drainage was difficult

All Traditional wound drainage share one inconvenient issue. It is frustrating and difficult to pressurizing and sealing cap at the same time. The difficulty was real before we introduced M-VAC. Please allow us to demonstrate with a short video clip.


Model Ref.Evacuator TypeCapacity (mL)Tube MaterialTube TypeTube Length(mm)Tube OD (mm)Tube ID (mm)Remark
PP200LHemovac Type200PVCRound1,3004.802.80
PP200MHemovac Type200PVCRound1,3003.201.60
PP400LHemovac Type400PVCRound1,3004.802.80
PP400MHemovac Type400PVCRound1,3003.201.60
PS200JPHemovac Type200SiliconeWide-flat (JP)1,1004.802.80
PS200JP 2WAYHemovac Type200SiliconeWide-flat (JP)1,3004.802.80
PS200LHemovac Type200SiliconeRound1,1004.802.80
PS200L+Hemovac Type200SiliconeCross1,1004.802.80
PS200MHemovac Type200SiliconeRound1,1003.201.60
PS200M+Hemovac Type200SiliconeCross1,1003.201.60
PS400JPHemovac Type400SiliconeWide-flat (JP)1,1004.802.80
PS400JP 2WAYHemovac Type400SiliconeWide-flat (JP)1,3004.802.80
PS400LHemovac Type400SiliconeRound1,1004.802.80
PS400L+Hemovac Type400SiliconeCross1,1004.802.80
PS400MHemovac Type400SiliconeRound1,1003.201.60
PS400M+Hemovac Type400SiliconeCross1,1003.201.60
SS100JPSilicone bulb Type100SiliconeWide-flat (JP)1,1004.802.80
SS100JP 2WAYSilicone bulb Type100SiliconeWide-flat (JP)1,3004.802.80
SS100LSilicone bulb Type100SiliconeRound1,1004.802.80
SS100L 2WAYSilicone bulb Type100SiliconeRound1,3004.802.80
SS100L+Silicone bulb Type100SiliconeCross1,1004.802.80
SS100L+ 2WAYSilicone bulb Type100SiliconeCross1,3004.802.80
SS100MSilicone bulb Type100SiliconeRound1,1003.201.60
SS100M 2WAYSilicone bulb Type100SiliconeRound1,3003.201.60
SS100M+Silicone bulb Type100SiliconeCross1,1003.201.60
SS100M+ 2WAYSilicone bulb Type100SiliconeCross1,3003.201.60
SS200JPSilicone bulb Type200SiliconeWide-flat (JP)1,1004.802.80
SS200JP 2WAYSilicone bulb Type200SiliconeWide-flat (JP)1,3004.802.80
SS200LSilicone bulb Type200SiliconeRound1,1004.802.80
SS200L 2WAYSilicone bulb Type200SiliconeRound1,3004.802.80
SS200L+Silicone bulb Type200SiliconeCross1,1004.802.80
SS200L+ 2WAYSilicone bulb Type200SiliconeCross1,3004.802.80
SS200MSilicone bulb Type200SiliconeRound1,1003.201.60
SS200M 2WAYSilicone bulb Type200SiliconeRound1,3003.201.60
SS200M+Silicone bulb Type200SiliconeCross1,1003.201.60
SS200M+ 2WAYSilicone bulb Type200SiliconeCross1,3003.201.60
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1100mm Tube



Punch Holed


1300mm Tube



Punch Holed




*All 2WAY models have 1300mm tube length.

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