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Project Description

Perfect-fit With Tubex PRP Extraction Tube


– Installed with a high torque alternating current (AC) induction motor to enable a quiet stable operation
– Designed in a special air-cooling structure to prevent the motor from being overheated and from making loud noise even in a non-refrigerating model
– Automatic recognition and warning system against overload, overheating and over speeding
– Operable under 60 dB noise level
– Equipped with a convenient digital display panel
– Automatic RPM/RCF conversion
– Door-lock safety device and door-drop prevention device
– Door openable in emergency (very useful in an unexpected power interruption)
– Rotors made of non-erodible materials that can be sterilized under high pressure
– Numbers diagonally engraved on rotors to make it easy to insert sample cases
– Powder-coated to guard against scratching or butting and to add beauty and refinement to the appearance of the centrifuge
– All products are manufactured and inspected under IEC 61010-2-020 Standard and Regulations
– Capable of being automatically opened

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