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Project Description

Non-invasive, Non-ablative, RF Technology


RF generates heat when the frequency is applied to the body. This is called deep heating therapy, or diathermy. RF Sigma6 uses RF to deliver heat into the deep part of the skin (subcutaneous fat layer), and regenerate collagen, thus rebuilding a tight skin. Also, RF Sigma6 can focus heat on the desired region since the heat is delivered without reflection and diffusion on the surface of the skin while traveling to inner skin and subcutaneous fat. Also, RF Sigma6 is free from hemochromatosis as in laser treatment and peeling.

Features of SIGMA6

As an advanced skin-care device, RF Sigma6 delivers an average of 39~45 Celsius heat to deep into the skin continuously, so that the blood vessels dilate. This speeds up metabolism, recovery of damaged collagen, creation of collagen, and the skin and wrinkle improvements.

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