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Project Description

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Ultrasound is widely used in many applications, such as body imaging (ultrasonography), therapy, industry, and as a humidifier as well. High Focused Intensity Ultrasound (HiFu) means by itself; it is a strong ultrasound focused on a particular spot. When HiFu is exposed to a given location, it generates a short, intense heat on the spot.

With a controlled environment and device, HiFu is a great application for an aesthetic solution.As applying controlled HiFu on dermis layer, or SMAS layer, the temperature of the spot may raise up to 65 degrees Celsius. This planned trauma burn results in contraction of skin muscle layer, provides improving wrinkle, skin elasticity, and collagen reformation.

SONORAMA, HiFu device

Rubbing Probe

HiFu hurts. It is an unavoidable effect of HiFu device. It is because HiFu makes planned trauma. Even though it is planned, it still hurts. Nietzsche’s famous quote fits the best: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

It is human instinct wanting to rub on the aching body area because rubbing ease the pain. Sonorama implemented this fundamental idea of human’s natural soothing technique. Unlike other HiFu device, Sonorama uses rubbing type probe. This method of rubbing ‘massages’ the customer’s skin as applying HiFu therapy. Thanks to it, SONORAMA provides a much more satisfactory result with less pain compare to the other devices.

No Consumable

All HiFu device need to change the cartridge after some use. This consumable part added extra expense and becoming a burden, dragging the customer away from a visit to a shop. That was true until SONORAMA came in.

Sonorama does not require cartridge changing. SONORAMA’s probe itself can deliver up to 300,000 shots. Compare to typical cartridge’s 10,000 shots; Sonorama offers 30 times more shots than other HiFu device.

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