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T’remo: Your custom tea or coffee infuser 2018-01-30T10:32:14+09:00

Project Description

Your Identity

T’remo is not a simple tea diffuser.
It is a perfect solution for your firm identity.
Don’t just give a cup of tea to your customer.
Serve your identity with T’remo.

Your Design

Application and design of T’remo is endless.
Customize your own T’remo with your logo and design.

Your Taste

Tea or coffee, that is not a question with T’remo.
Change the content, according to your firm’s identity.

Tea Stick

W26 * H125 * D1~15 (mm)
Woodpulp and Nyron

Tea Infuser

W29 * H135 * D3 (mm)
Stainless Steel or Aluminum

Tea Bag (for Infuser)

W26 * H56 * D1~15 (mm)
Woodpulp and Nyron

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