PRP extraction is now fast, easy, and simple with Tubex.

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Project Description

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is an autologous blood with a high concentration of platelets. Typically, blood only contains about 5~6% of platelets. However, PRP has an over 94% of platelet concentration with strong regeneration power, and can adapt to a variety of solutions. Also, PRP does not cause any allergic reaction or any other side-effects since it is from the patient’s own blood.

Tubex (PRP Extraction Kit)

Tubex is a PRP extraction kit for efficient PRP extraction. Traditional extraction kit has relatively low platelet concentration and involves exposing blood in the air, causing possible air contamination. Tubex minimizes the possibility of contamination and provides high platelet level than any other extraction kit.

Vortex Technology

The Vortex Engineering method is a unique process helping to separate red cell and platelet, to minimize loss of platelet. We designed Tubex with a valve and a protrusion (structures) formed at the center of the tube to create vortex fluid flow inside the tube. The method allows a minimizing loss of platelet, unlike any other PRP extraction kit.

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