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Product Verification Solution

MOOHAN is becoming one of the well-recognized medical and aesthetic device brand in the globe. As the progress, we discovered many imitation and counterfeit products, falsely representing our brand.

To protect our customers and our brand quality, all of our product lines will have a HiddenTag®, a product certification solution. This solution allows simple product verification with any smart phone, ensuring that you purchased our genuine product.

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You can check with your smart phone too!

How does it work?

Each tag on the products is all different. With the combination with the Hologram uniquely generated tag, the tag is uncopiable and unforgeable.

By scanning the tag with the HiddenTag® application, the app finds out whether the product is genuine from our warehouse. Only those original tags will be able to pass this scanning.

Remember, only the official HiddenTag® application can scan the tag!

Men make counterfeit money;
in many more cases, money makes counterfeit men.

Sydney J. Harris – Journalist

Where is the tag on my product?

For those consumable products such as Dr. Roller and Tubex, the tag is on each product package box‘s opening as a seal for the product. For those equipment products such as Dr. Injector, the tag is usually located behind the device, near at the power connector or labels.

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